Supporting adviser competence

We offer workshops/webinars/seminars designed to address the specific needs and objectives of your business. With a focus on supporting competent advice that is in the best interest of clients, the workshops cover a range of topics, from suitability reports and risk assessment to retirement planning opportunities and budget implications. Real-life case studies are used to make the learning experience engaging and interactive. EPC workshops provide valuable insights to help advisers enhance their skills and meet regulatory standards.

What does an EPC Workshop look like?

We develop a workshop based on your needs and objectives – what are the hot topics your advisers are bringing to the table for discussion?

It is your workshop

We are there to deliver what your advisers need to support your clients, not what we think is right. It starts with an agreed agenda, driven by you.

We start with the end in mind

This means that we are ultimately looking to demonstrate that whatever type of advice you are delivering to your clients, you are able to demonstrate that you are competently delivering that advice and that you are evidencing that advice is in their best interests.

That is not an easy thing to get right consistently – it takes time, it takes effort and it takes persistence to get it right. Here is an example agenda that an IFA Firm has asked us to deliver:

Am – Refresh and Recap

  • DB and Income drawdown Suitability reports: the content and evidence required
  • Attitude and Appetite for risk: what is the difference and how can this be evidenced
  • Capacity for loss – how can this be evidenced and understood by a client
  • Clients knowledge and experience – do your clients understand the advice given
  • Sustainability of a long term plan in retirement – the key questions from the FCA thematic retirement income advice review

PM – Planning opportunities from the March 2023 budget

  • Death benefit nominations – revisit/refresh and communicate
  • Potential funding for LTA Protected clients
  • What is the position regarding tax free cash – now and 2024
  • Tapering Annual allowance with examples of carry forward
  • Excess benefits– implications for clients with uncrystallised excess benefits

This is personal to the Firm

We were able to deliver this with real case study examples, which them opened up a discussion on the technicals and advice process – which now expands on to include consumer duty, client understanding and evidence in the file.

It’s using those real case studies which bring the learning alive.
There is nothing IFAs like more than a real-life example to rip apart!

So we can provide something similar to the above or what ever agenda you wish to create

How we can help

Peter and John have experience of supporting IFAs in workshops, seminars and webinars for over 70 years combined. If you would like to discuss how we could potentially support you firm or your advisers, please do get in touch – we are always available for a virtual coffee.

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