Rachel Campbell


Professional qualifications

Rachel Campbell has a career in administration. She holds the Certificate in Financial Planning and is working towards her level 4 diploma.

Relevant experience & skills

Rachel has experience in a number of roles within the administration function – team leader, trainer, coach and manager in a range of pension administrations. Her skill is in managing data and workflow.

Rachel has worked with UK Pension providers since 1997 and has extensive experience in doing and managing pension scheme member administration. She has experience of a number of different CRM systems, data collection control and documentation, file controls, workflows, project management software/systems, client communications and anything remotely that involves the security, the administration or the workflow of a client file.

Rachel produces our Redress calculations outputs from the Congruent software. She collects the data, checks the quality and delivers the output for analysis.

Rachel has worked exclusively in support of EPC and EPA and will become an equity director and Secretary of EPC in April 2023.

Rachel is married to Ryan and mum to 2 young daughters. They keep Ryan and her very busy – weekends are mainly spent on taxi duty to and from various sporting activities.

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