Pension calculations in legal defence

EPC worked with a leading international law firm in defending a redress claim for nearly £1 million against a major UK advisory firm. Leveraging their expertise in pre/post A day pensions rules, FCA COBS rules and pension regulations they produced a comprehensive report in support of the pensions lawyer that led to a successful outcome. The claim was significantly reduced to settle for £50,000, showcasing their ability to support pension lawyers and their clients effectively.

How Expert Pensions Consulting helped defend suitable advice

Our client is a leading international law firm that provides legal services to clients in the insurance, healthcare, real estate, and public sectors. With over 1,500 lawyers and advisors in 24 offices across the UK, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, one of the largest law firms in the world.

The Legal Director with over 15 years of experience in the legal pensions world engaged EPC to help on this case for their IFA client (who just happened to be one of the biggest advisory firms in the world).

The challenge was to help defend a redress claim for nearly £1m which was claimed to be caused by unsuitable financial advice. This represented a significant amount of money, requiring knowledge of the FCA COBS rules pre/post Aday and experience in the application of the FCA suitability rules in COBS: each step of the process had to be taken with meticulous attention to detail, dates and regulations.

At Expert Pensions Consulting, we provided our client with a combination of pre/post A day experience, the application of FCA COBS rules on suitability, and a deep understanding of pension rules. We were asked to produce a report after reviewing the case with the legal director.

We leveraged our expertise, our understanding of application of the FCA COBS rules on suitability, and an understanding of the application of pension rules to help achieve a successful outcome for our client and the IFA.

The case resulted in a significant reduction from the original claim of £980k to be settled for £50k.

We are delighted that our efforts helped to successfully resolve the case and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

In summary, Expert Pensions Consulting’s services were used to reduce the amount of redress payable on a major claim from £980k to £50k.

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