John Reynolds


Professional qualifications

John Reynolds has worked in UK pensions continuously since 1995 and is a Chartered Fellow (Financial Planning) of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, a Certified Financial planner (level 7), Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the PFS and has a Masters degree (Business planning and Financial Services) from MMU.

Relevant experience & skills

During his career he gained extensive expertise and knowledge of UK pensions legislation and regulation, also acting as Chairman of a Workplace pensions Investment Governance Committee (IGC) regulated by FCA with £1 billion AUM and over 100,000 members (2018-20), now an independent member.

John has managed a DB TV advisory business for several years as part of his portfolio of Expert Pensions businesses, which consist of:

In my time with EPA LLP, we have undertaken DBATT reviews of EPA LLP cases on instructions from the FCA. This was a small sample review, but nonetheless successful, with minimal/nil feedback.

Our collateral portfolio shows copies of our suitability templates (researched, designed and implemented by myself within the EPA business (and still used today). These were the suitability report construction which passed DBAAT test with minimal feedback..

Within our collateral portfolio there are two further important documents: Our "Best Interests Advice" jigsaw and a significant FOS adjudication analysis (which everyone should have on file); and.

Redress calculation template, which again demonstrates the standards we expect to see in delivering clear communications to clients, in line with FCA expectations.

John and Mrs Reynolds spend much of the winter in Lanzarote [ “top 12″‘ 2023 TripAdvisor destination] enjoying the warm winter sunshine

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