Defined Benefit Transfer Advice

Working in partnership for your clients who require specialised defined benefit pension transfer advice.

Expert Pensions Advice offers independent financial advice for your clients who require specialist defined benefit pension transfer advice. We are committed to expert, professional and independent advice, using cashflow modelling and a non-contingent fee structure. We work directly with your clients, only with your permission; we are responsible for the specialist defined benefit pension advice; and we provide the pension advice and then we pass the client back to you.

Your client always belongs to you.

Firstly, your client completes our triage: educational and unbiased video tutorial course to help them understand whether they may need pension advice, or not. On successful completion of the course, they make a decision to engage with us, or not.

The clients are in control at all times.

If they elect to engage with us and seek our regulated advice, there is no pre-determined outcome.

We give ”best advice” – which is professional unbiased regulated advice, which weighs up all the pros/cons, strengths/weaknesses and trade-offs of gains/risks and concludes the ”best advice” which meets their specific retirement objectives.

The challenge for us isn’t just to know the rules, but to apply them to your clients objectives and needs.

We live and work with full transparency and we’d be happy to discuss how you can make sure your clients are getting robust, secure and competent pension transfer advice.

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